There are many butterflies in my life right now. Butterflies of weft yarn for weaving, and now butterflies of spun yarn while spinning. I haven’t seen the living kind yet, and it will be interesting to see what the deep freeze did to our insect population.

Butterflying spun single around thumb and forefinger while walking (holding the spindle for the picture only)

I think this is another advancement in my spinning. Before, I didn’t understand the why of the butterfly. I would spun an arm length, then wrap it up on my spindle. I was able to keep tension on the yarn the whole time to keep it from kinking. The butterfly comes in when you are able to spin more than an arm length. As the spindle nears the ground, and my hand is high in the air, wrapping the yarn around two fingers takes up the extra length under tension and allows me to wrap more around the spindle without troublesome twists.