Find the cat

Welcome to April 1st. Can you spot the cat in this picture?

Find the cat

That white spot in the sea of Spring green is Mr Tom, my neighbor’s cat. He is the least camouflaged cat of all time. This is him sleeping in the edge of the wood. Sometimes he sleeps a bit farther in, but he is still easy to spot. When the trees are Winter bare, there aren’t many places in the woods where he doesn’t stand out like a feline beacon.

I brushed him!

I managed to get five brush strokes across the back of Mr Tom’s Shadow! He still isn’t impressed, but he moves away less each time. Mr Tom loves his brushes, more than treats even, and comes up to me to demand the burrs be removed and his chin be brushed. Shadow comes up to Mr Tom to give him head bumps as I am brushing. That is when I run the brush along his back toward his tail. He moves away, but then comes back to rub against Mr Tom, and subsequently gets another brush. Here is my proof of contact; the picture below shows both white and black hair from the brush.

Black and white cat hair from the brush
Mr Tom and his Shadow getting post brushing treats

The cage in the second picture is for the female who hangs around with Mr Tom and his Shadow. She will only come up after I am out of reach and not looking. She still needs to be fixed.

Crossvine explosion

Our spring rains have made for happy plants in our yard. We have two crossvine areas that have hundreds of buds and are now bursting into bloom.

Crossvine blooms on the front fence
Crossvine blooms on the chicken run enclosure (inside view)
Crossvine blooms on the chicken run enclosure (outside view)

Fancy Pillbug

Pillbug (aka Rolly Polly)

I was fixing a leak in the watering drip system in the front garden when I spotted a rolly polly with green markings! I’ve seen the dark gray common pill bugs, I’ve even seen these terrestrial crustaceans half light gray and half dark gray, but I haven’t seen these markings before, like they were painted with ritual paint. Neat.

Strange egg shape

This egg is nearly round. I’m not sure what caused my hens to lay a round egg, when I cracked it open it only had one yolk. It also happened on a day that six of the eight chickens produced an egg, which is unusual. My hatchery quality Faverolles usually lay every other day or so.

Nearly round egg